The Sustainable Factory – Seminar & Panel Discussion [Event Recap]

On Thursday, June 10th, the Wuxicham, in cooperation with the German Chamber of Commerce held a conference on the “Sustainable Factory” at Suntech’s headquarters in Wuxi.

With about 100 participants, the event underlined the relevance of sustainability related aspects these days.

Under the moderation of Manuel Ramos of TERAO Asia, seven speakers covered a vast area of topics, surrounding sustainability.

Members of the foreign affairs office and the new district attended the conference: NEWS LINK

Please find following a link to the event photos: PHOTOS

Slides Presented: SLIDES


Event Recap: Post COVID Recovery Status & deep-dive on limiting factors for the recovery

On April 29th we had our monthly WuxiCham meeting were we were looking at the status of the current post COVID recovery with a special deep dive at the situation of the electronics industry.

About 20 members and guests joined the meeting at Mamamia Wuxi where we were provided with a great venue and delicious food.

After a general market update and discussion it was obvious that quite a number of members are affected by sharply rising raw material cost and shortages, a side effect of a strong on-going recovery. This situation is still expected to stay around for a while before supply catches up or demand slows down.

Sally Chen, founder of CINNO joined us from Shanghai to present on the status of the electronic industry. Electronic part shortages are more and more having an effect on the recovery as they limit output in key industries such as the automotive industry. It was interesting to learn that currently around 75% of all displays are made in China. More progress is being made to also supply even the latest display technology also out of local production.

The strong sales of electronic products since 2020 with Tablets & PCs showing substantial growth, capacities in the industry are simply not able to keep up with all the demand. So shortages are expected to stay around for a bit longer, putting further challenged on the recovery of the industry.

Sally Chen, the founder of CINNO, who has 16 years industry experience, has degrees in Polymer Engineering Bachelor Degree and a Financial MBA Degree.

CINNO is a professional Research and Consulting company specializing in the field of Flat Panel Display and Semiconductor industry, and providing a full range of industry consulting, financial service, marketing promotion and head-hunting, doing service for hundreds of customers every year.

Information News Upcoming Events

Get-together & Discussion of the WuxiCham 2.0

Hi all!

With most of us in town, we would like to invite you for a mixer with other members, friends and supporters of the chamber.

Currently there are only very few people left to actively drive things and being a non-profit we count on members’ dedication and volunteers to keep the chamber going.

We would like to use this occasion to reflect and also to hear from you about your wishes, expectations and aspirations you have for WuxiCham.

End of February we will host a more formal event to plan our year 2021, to set priorities, to discuss direction and hopefully to have some of our members step up and guide the chamber to the new year.

Fresh blood is more than welcome – it is required to continue and grow!

But firstly, let us get together next week for a pre-holiday dinner! The dinner will be an amazing all you can eat buffet & drinks. You will be impressed.

We hope you can join us for a dinner buffet and drinks to catch up and discuss further.

date: Thursday, February 4th
time: 6pm start
location: Holiday Inn Wuxi Central Station No.18 North Xingchang Road, Liangxi District (North Exit of Wuxi Railway Station)
price: 100 RMB members/200 RMB non-members



Event Recap: ”Balancing the magic triangle of Management, Employee and Customer”

WuxiCham monthly meeting took place on December 3rd at Wineloft. The topic of the event was “Balancing the magic triangle of Management, Employee and Customer”, facilitated by our own Jim Nelson.

In today’s turbulent and ever changing times most of us have to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders in our daily work. Balancing the magic triangle of the Boss, the Worker and the Customer and its interdependencies in a successful way is crucial for sustainable business success.

Jim facilitated a workshop around this topic discussing how the different stakeholders relate to each other and how we may have natural tendencies to focus on some group/groups at the expense of others. Jim’s introduction to the topic was followed by a self-assessment, and scoring, of behavioral traits when interacting with each stakeholder.

The audience was then divided into groups that dug deeper into needs, expectations, and difficulties of Worker, Customer, and Boss. Lively group discussions followed as the teams worked through their assignment sheet and the excellent dinner catered by Wineloft.

Finally the groups shared their learnings and Jim provided the team with suggested further reading on the topic. As always, we finished with mingling and some members stayed a bit longer to catch up with each others before the holiday season.

The last WuxiCham event for 2020 is the Winter Bazaar, which was organized just a week after this gathering.

About Jim Nelson

Mr. Jim Nelson is the President of SHI Group and has been active in China since 1991. In his past activities he led a pager lamp factory supplying Motorola and an investment management company; started a microfinance loan operation that became an industry standard for efficiency; led operations for a holding company etc. Jim has been a long-time member of our Chamber and held various presentations in the past that had great participation and reviews by the guests.

His company, SHI Group China recruits Trustworthy Talent for western companies active in China. Founded in 2009, SHI Group’s goal is to find the best candidates with character, skills and leadership ability for its clients. SHI Group provides the real data beyond what the resume and interview might uncover.


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Broad Press Echo after WuxiDACH Interchamber Networking Dinner

We received quite some press coverage. Please find a selection below:

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Find all pictures of our WuxiDACH Interchamber Networking Dinner

Our photographer has been busy documenting our event. Please use the following QR code / link behind the QR code to access our photo gallery.

We will not be able to keep it online for so long, please save the pictures you like on your personal devices.


Viega China and Plainvim Industrial Park Host WuxiCham in July

On July 23rd, Viega (China) Plumbing Systems Co., Ltd. and Plainvim International Industrial Park hosted the Wuxi International Chamber of Commerce for a series of business presentations, networking, and a delicious German buffet spread.

After guests arrived and registered, Mr. Chen Ling, General Manager of Viega, warmly welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of his company. 

Mr. Chen stressed quality as the key focus area for his company, keeping true  to it’s 19th century German roots. Their quality metal pipe systems are a growing segment, as customers look for safe and durable water solutions.

Mr. Chen proved to be a charismatic speaker and wisely tailored the company presentation to his audience’s professional backgrounds, which range widely across industries  – recruiting, marketing, fabrics — none which include plumbing systems. 

Viega’s products can be found in projects all over the world; Russia, the US Pentagon, and even Antarctica.

Attendees who had been on previous factory tours with WuxiCham commented that his delivery was one of the highlights of the night and among the best so far.

When Viega made their large scale factory investment in Wuxi, they chose Plainvim Industrial Park as their home. Following Mr. Chen’s speech, Ms. Michelle Zhang was invited up to introduce more of Plainvim’s services and offerings.

 Plainvim develops Industrial parks all over China and tailors the buildings to each customer’s needs. Buildings can be rented out without the need for tenants to buy land and build assets by themselves.

In addition to offering buildings for rent, Plainvim provide comprehensive property management services; from facility maintenance to food. 

Both Viega and Plainvim are located in the heart of Xishan district in Wuxi. So to round off the Factory-Park-District trio of presentations, Ms. Leanne Zhao, from the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Xishan Economic & Technological Development Zone kindly agreed to give a brief presentation.

Established in 1992, The Xishan Economic & Technological Development Zone is home to more than 4500 enterprises, including 1060 foreign companies from more than 30 countries. 

The area also boasts some household names like Ikea, Eaton, Valeo and Livat, the go-to destination for half of Wuxi on a rainy weekend.

And if you’re in need of material for your next trivia night, Ms. Zhao also introduced some facts about Wuxi itself: It’s the city with the second highest GDP per capita in China and the highest in Jiangsu province.

After the guest speaker portion was finished, Michael Rockel, one of the newest additions to the WuxiCham committee, gave a few words on the latest Chamber happenings, including a September 17th save-the-date announcement for a large scale event in cooperation with another chamber. (Stay tuned to our public account for details).

Michael also reemphasized the committee’s commitment to fix regular WuxiCham events on the third Thursday of each month, to allow members ample time to plan their schedules in advance.

The evening closed with networking over German themed buffet – sausage, pretzel, and of course, beer.

To burn off the calories, guests also got the opportunity to get their hands dirty with a live demonstration of Viega’s products, with direct guidance from Mr. Chen himself.

Now, If you’re starting to get get that feeling of missing out, be sure to follow the WuxiCham Official WeChat account by scanning the QR code below to receive the latest updates and event notifications. In addition, our events tend to fill up quickly and tickets are sold on a members-first basis. Become a chamber member and get priority seating and other benefits!