Energy Challenge : Survey and Actions by WuxiCham

Dear WuxiCham Members,

Many of us are suffering from the power crisis that has suddenly hit us out of the blue – on top of all those other current issues.  Coupled with the erratic constraints that are being levied on our factories the biggest issue that most of us are facing is the lack of information and visibility on how long this will last and what solutions are in place for the long term.

There is a meeting coming up with a number of  international companies in Wuxi and government representatives to discuss the issues. Whilst we do not believe that the city level can change the situation overall, what can certainly be discussed is the local management and handling. In addition we are hoping for some clarification on how long it will last. 

We are planning to have one of our chamber members participate in this meeting and share some of the issues. Hopefully some of you will also be invited directly through your government contacts.

To bring some constructive comments and info to the meeting, we have prepared a short survey and hope you can complete this right away. PLEASE JOIN THE SURVEY HERE.

We shall strive to present our collective concerns in this meeting and will update to you afterwards. 

Thank you and all the best, 



We will share the results in an annonymized way with you later.

Thank you.

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