Event Recap: Post COVID Recovery Status & deep-dive on limiting factors for the recovery

On April 29th we had our monthly WuxiCham meeting were we were looking at the status of the current post COVID recovery with a special deep dive at the situation of the electronics industry.

About 20 members and guests joined the meeting at Mamamia Wuxi where we were provided with a great venue and delicious food.

After a general market update and discussion it was obvious that quite a number of members are affected by sharply rising raw material cost and shortages, a side effect of a strong on-going recovery. This situation is still expected to stay around for a while before supply catches up or demand slows down.

Sally Chen, founder of CINNO joined us from Shanghai to present on the status of the electronic industry. Electronic part shortages are more and more having an effect on the recovery as they limit output in key industries such as the automotive industry. It was interesting to learn that currently around 75% of all displays are made in China. More progress is being made to also supply even the latest display technology also out of local production.

The strong sales of electronic products since 2020 with Tablets & PCs showing substantial growth, capacities in the industry are simply not able to keep up with all the demand. So shortages are expected to stay around for a bit longer, putting further challenged on the recovery of the industry.

Sally Chen, the founder of CINNO, who has 16 years industry experience, has degrees in Polymer Engineering Bachelor Degree and a Financial MBA Degree.

CINNO is a professional Research and Consulting company specializing in the field of Flat Panel Display and Semiconductor industry, and providing a full range of industry consulting, financial service, marketing promotion and head-hunting, doing service for hundreds of customers every year.

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