Event Recap: ”Balancing the magic triangle of Management, Employee and Customer”

WuxiCham monthly meeting took place on December 3rd at Wineloft. The topic of the event was “Balancing the magic triangle of Management, Employee and Customer”, facilitated by our own Jim Nelson.

In today’s turbulent and ever changing times most of us have to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders in our daily work. Balancing the magic triangle of the Boss, the Worker and the Customer and its interdependencies in a successful way is crucial for sustainable business success.

Jim facilitated a workshop around this topic discussing how the different stakeholders relate to each other and how we may have natural tendencies to focus on some group/groups at the expense of others. Jim’s introduction to the topic was followed by a self-assessment, and scoring, of behavioral traits when interacting with each stakeholder.

The audience was then divided into groups that dug deeper into needs, expectations, and difficulties of Worker, Customer, and Boss. Lively group discussions followed as the teams worked through their assignment sheet and the excellent dinner catered by Wineloft.

Finally the groups shared their learnings and Jim provided the team with suggested further reading on the topic. As always, we finished with mingling and some members stayed a bit longer to catch up with each others before the holiday season.

The last WuxiCham event for 2020 is the Winter Bazaar, which was organized just a week after this gathering.

About Jim Nelson

Mr. Jim Nelson is the President of SHI Group and has been active in China since 1991. In his past activities he led a pager lamp factory supplying Motorola and an investment management company; started a microfinance loan operation that became an industry standard for efficiency; led operations for a holding company etc. Jim has been a long-time member of our Chamber and held various presentations in the past that had great participation and reviews by the guests.

His company, SHI Group China recruits Trustworthy Talent for western companies active in China. Founded in 2009, SHI Group’s goal is to find the best candidates with character, skills and leadership ability for its clients. SHI Group provides the real data beyond what the resume and interview might uncover.

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