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Balancing the magic triangle of Management, Employee and Customer

Join us for the next WuxiCham event on December 3rd at the Wineloft in Wuxi. This event will be focusing on the daily management challenges we are all facing.

In today’s turbulent and ever changing times most of us have to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders in our daily work.

Balancing the magic triangle of the Boss, the Worker and the Customer and its interdependencies in a successful way is crucial for sustainable business success. Let’s meet to together and learn from Jim and discuss among each other what it takes to do well. There should be take-aways for everyone.

Mr. Jim Nelson is the President of SHI Group and has been active in China since 1991. In his past activities he led a pager lamp factory supplying Motorola and an investment management company; started a microfinance loan operation that became an industry standard for efficiency; led operations for a holding company etc.

Jim has been a long-time member of our Chamber and held various presentations in the past that had great participation and reviews by the guests.

His company, SHI Group China recruits Trustworthy Talent for western companies active in China. Founded in 2009, SHI Group’s goal is to find the best candidates with character, skills and leadership ability for its clients. SHI Group provides the real data beyond what the resume and interview might uncover.

On Thursday, December 3rd
From 6Pm
At the Wineloft in Wuxi
For an exciting evening of wine, exchange and discussions

Included are two glasses of wine per person and a dinner of Cesar salads; Creamy mushroom soup; Spaghetti Bolognese; Australia sirloin steak or salmon with vegetables; coffee or tea.
100 RMB for Members
200RMB for Non-Members

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